We hugely enjoyed hosting Hit for Six in radio format while at University and when Covid-19 and lockdown hit, it made sense to bring back the show as a podcast. It has kept us going during this tricky period and it has been great to talk about the game we both love with each other and some interesting guests. Thank you for listening!

Photograph of Michael


An unashamed 2005 Ashes cliché cricket fan. Michael fell hard for the game as an 11-year-old, watching Michael Vaughan’s merry-men defeat the legendary Australia side in what he will defend to the death as the greatest series of all time. Unfortunately, this was slightly too late in life for him to get any good at the actual sport itself.

A self-taught, googlies only bowler, career highlights have included under-15 B-team player of the year and one-time figures of: 0.3 overs, 0 runs, 3 wickets. In addition to these heady heights as a player; as a fan Michael has devoured cricket in any form, through books, television, live matches, radio and now podcasts!

Currently living within 15 minutes walk of the Oval and working as a Policy Officer in local government, the best thing about Hit for Six for Michael is being able to talk about his favourite sport as much as he wants without fear of boring anyone!

Photograph of Rob


”Cricket, rugby, football“. Some say those were Rob’s first words as a toddler. Whether that’s true or not, one thing’s for sure - Rob was a sports lover from day one. And while he loved all sport, cricket was always his favourite.

Born and raised in South West London to a father who was both an MCC and Surrey member - trips to Lord’s and the Oval became de rigueur each summer and from there his love for the sport simply grew and grew. Dreams of becoming a professional cricketer faded quickly as a young teen (the closest he ever got was getting England opener Dom Sibley out in an Under 11s game), but his love for the game remained unfettered.

The kind of bowler that only England could produce at 6 ft 4 but with no pace and little menace - career highlights have included winning promotion ahead of the 1st XI while University of Warwick Men’s 2nd XI captain and scraping through his probation as an MCC playing member. Now married, he lives with his wife and cat, and works for an insuretech start-up in London.